3 color key

4:25 am.. time to go bad...oh no, time to go school.... forget that i live in Surry.



hmm...what should i say about this???this drawing will be one of design assignment. I was trying to figure out which method is right for me and making my work look good. I am still trying and trying.
Value sketch looks little bit weird, because of lighting and shadow. Moh is great teacher and
i hope got good skill put the shade and light soon.


Life Drawings 10

These drawings are also from second semester. I just found bunch of life drawing from one
folder recently.
It had a strong line and shadow. I can't say i like it but also i feel good about that i did this.
confusing myself. -3-

Life Drawings 9

I have no idea when are these drawing drawn. Let me guess.. I see tarzan which i chose to animate for my second semeser animation class...so it should be 2nd semester.
Others are maybe same. I can see boxes and balance. Definately 2nd semester.
sigh, i should have put some date.

Life Drawings 8

OMG. I have found old drawing from files. It must came from very beginning of second semester and even first. I can see the part where i tried to use anatomy(bones) and box..
And one drawing with half female one is probably from 1st semester. Loot at that ugly line. lol
However, i am just happy that i have found old one that i drew.


Shout it ouT

ok.....it's 2 Am now. i am finally done with this coloring!!!! I am just happy to see how much
i could improve within a week. I am like growing tree. I need more sun light and water!!!!
Make me tall!!!! to reach the sky. lol
It will be shame when i am looking at this drawing later but i am just happy now....That is all i


Daily drawing 3


One Russian mob!!! who just woke up after drinking tons of Vodka last night!!!
I hope it looks like that. I should have drawn the empty bottles...that makes more sense...
Anyways, i enjoy with coloring and i think i have little understanding of coloring after attending
couple of color classes. I love it.


Daily drawing 2

I have no idea why i drew her but it was good practice to review and tried out what i

learned from digital coloring this week. no good pose no good face expression... okok i drew her
on the bus. lol


Daily drawing 1

I drew a guy from skytrain. I think he was a student. But he looks like a killer...lol