Hunter and Fox

These were the final projects of design class.
Hmm...I know i am not really great in design stuff but i can see the way to improve my skill
when i look at this work. I had little trouble with rotation and i thought i sucked but after finish them and post here...It looks fine!!! lol
The concept of design is Korean hunter with Fox female monster with nine tail.


Man with the Mask!

This character is protagonist of my script. It is not great story but quite interesting..at least i believe that lol. That was fisrt time i wrote in paper even though i had grammar mistakes but courtney and joe had helped with fixing.
I had lots of fun with this and i am still thinking that makes this story into short-animation myself.
See you soon~


This design of mine was my one of final design homework during the class.
I just want to show how it proceeded.
Rough blue and clean up and fix the problem (i fixed her eye) and coloring concept and color it.


Future man and girl

Rich people get fatter everyday and poor people strugle with hunger everyday.
This might happen later. At least when i look at the world now, a lot of people die from hunger.
They get sick of hunger and they finally stand up with a weapons and proclaim the war!!!
Poor little baby....by the way

Life Drawing 7

These are same drawing that i put in Demo reel too. Not bad huh?

Life Drawing 7

These one are my final work for 2nd semester. I tried to put all the principles and knowledges into drawing. I appreciated to teacher to taught me how to improve drawing skill.
They are not perfect but i like them so much so i put them in my demo reel.

Life Drawing 6

Hmm I found this from old life drawing paper.
It was from November 2008 while we were taking Anatomy class.
I don't know but i like it.


Funny man in Green Suit.

It was kind of first dialogue assignment. For the people who might say..
What is that?, he is a ork or orc...

Six Jumps

Are they six jumps????? can't see...too fast!

Flour Sack

Poor one.... lol

Life Drawing 5

I could say that these one are the best among 2nd semester.
I can't say why but i like them. I am impressive some ways and disappointed in some way.
However These are mine and i can't deny that i love my work.
It makes me feel that i am moving forward.
I am going to be great!!!! I will

Life Drawing 4

Also 2nd semester life drawings.
Let me see.....hmm i like little better this one than one before.
It has more strong line and more depth...I think. But They are still ...missing something.
Head?? lol. It's getting there and i am proud of myself to get there.
Good job Nick!!!!!!

Life Drawing 3

(I took a picture of them instead of scan them. So it's little bit out of focus. Sorry)
These drawings are from second semester. I think some where between February and march..
I see some part had been change big time and some part had been improved... But It is just funny to look at it...They make me laugh...and think.. "Am i this bad???"

The fact is, i was very satisfied at that time.... Now?? no way.

Life Drawing 2

These are also from first semester. I wonder where all the heads...are...
I remember i didn't put their head...because there was not enough time to put and i focused on the body structure.

Life Drawing 1

This one is from end of first semester. Now when i look at it, some part is little bit better than
drawings from now.... Shame...lol.


Boss likes The simpson.


Fine...It is not boss likes the simpson...

I like no I love the simpson!!!!!!!!

The simpson forever!!!!!!!!!!!


A rock from sky

A unknown plenet....
A mysterious rock crashed deep into a forest long time ago.
It is finally found by people.
People don't know what it is and where it did come from....
However..... they found mysterious letters..and it says


(.......What the...)



I am playing a softball with my church people these days. It seems like playing baseball but they are different.

And i have found very interesting about softball.

The ball is not soft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you get hit, you DEAD!!!!!!! It is a hard and big ball.

Don't play softball if you think "Ah they throw softball because they call softball"

You get killed for sure.

One hit, Good bye.


"Break up"

Break up...

I guess that is the most uncomfortable and the worst happening ever.

Every moments and memories with her becomes arrows to strike to one's heart.

Number of laugh becomes to same amount of tears. You get lost in the darkness and confused.

Alcohole is not your friend because it makes worse than ever.

You don't know what to do....


Only time is a solution.

Time heals your wounds and time brings new life to you always. Time also brings another love

into your life. But time also lead to another break up.

It repeats.....until you find one true love.

Life is ... a journey for love...i think.

Do lots of 'Love' and 'break up'!!! It sucks. I know but there is no other way to find your


Good luck everyone in the earth!!!!!!!!.

P.S: I love you Nicole. Plz don't break up with me ever!!!!!! Love ya~


The warrior!!!

This one also from my past assignment from design class and i just put color on it.

Let me explain about this warrior. He is old Korean warrior. Maybe 3,000 years ago.

I tried to stay with its own style except color of suit or armor. Original color would be to simple So i put lots of blue and red which represent our country flag's color. Red and Blue!!!!!

I don't know how many people know about my country history or culture. Compare to Japan, we

are not that popular but i do have history and style as great as China or Japan. So i want to keep drawing Korean !! Until many people know about my place where i alway belong to....

My girl

i can't draw femal. i don't know why. However, this one i spent some time to draw really nice and it turned out ok..

If i did spend some time on Background then i would be better.. i guess i am still lazy man.
Hmm... you know what??
I want to go to beach!!!!


Guys ..no bite.. no eye poking...

Simple... drew with pencil and Scan it and coloring on the top.

I remember i didn't put them in seperate layer.... Awkward muscles...lol

It's speed vs power. I want to express that situation but of course i don't know what is result..

Speed? or Power?

Chasing...Run for your life!!!

what is my style? I can't really say what it is because i have not establish on for myself.

One day, i just got the feeling i want to draw like Disney style.

I failed.. but it ended up with fine drawing. I like this one. I like the red pig :)

So you think you can cook?

These drawings were assignment from design class.

I didn't get a good mark on this but after finish coloring I think myself they are not too bad.

What do you think?

It is little bit weird that tall guy in the middle is unbalanced. Especially his face...bad..bad..bad!

i tried...lol

I drew my friends including myself into Cartoon.

I gave my friend birthday gift with my drawing.

I couldn't think of any that i could give to him something meaningful.

Believe or not i am the little vampire.... lol

They are my dudes

I drew my friends including myself into Cartoon.

I gave my friend birthday gift with my drawing. I couldn't think of any that i could give to him something meaningful.

Believe or not i am the little vampire.... lol


My layout Night version.

I played with it little bit and have found awesome color!
It sucks that it look better than my original drawing. Too sad.
Ah Ha~~!!

Final Layout

This layout is for John's layout class. I had a lot of fun but same time it was also hard time to keep up with it. Way i see, i do have some problem with perspective and coloring issues. (Getting darker). I absolutely learned lots from this layout. It is fun.


Walk A to B

This walk is not as hard as perspective walk. But It gave me a headache too.

I wonder, why is it so hard to animate something we always do and see; walk.

Perspective Walk

I am not sure what should i post first. This is my perspective walk.

I remember that it gave me a hard time to figure out 'how woman walks'

Cuz i never walk like this. Funny things is when i act this woman walk out,

I felt i am sexy...- - (kidding) Anyways here is my walk~