Walk serpentine.

I remember i didn't enjoy working with walks except this one. It looks ok...i think i can

polish little bit more...it will turn out good. :)


lol..this one is my favorite!!!! Merman. I did this for the weekly illustration but i was kind of late
so i used fo the design class assignment.
He is a computer nerd and spectacle hacker in sea world. If you look at it carefully he use sea mac. Company name sea squrit(as apple in real world).

I enjoy this style of coloring but i can't say this is my own style. I will keep try new thing and
it will end up being capable of using any style of coloring. Off limit!!!!! that what i want.

Female Pirate.!!

Hmm...obviously that lips so....stand out.....Maybe i try to make her sexy too much..
Somehow it looks little bit funny ...especially her eyes and eyebrows...
How come havn't i ever noticed that when i was working on? ..it is mystery. :)

Golden OX!!

Story:This monster can produce golden egg every moring.(can't really say it's egg..it more like poop). Many people try to capture him. Even though he looks dumb....he is unbeatable...lol
See all the accessories!!! They are made by gold!~~~!~!!!

This drawing was assainment of Digital class. I am pretty behind compare to the other guys but
i can see that i am getting closer every time.

매일 황금 변을 보는 이름하여 골든 옥스...설정참 단순하지만 나름 재미있게 설정 하려고


My first Flash!!!

Well... what can i say???

It's cute...for first time trial.

p.s:I love you Eun. It hasn't changed anything. My heart belongs to u~~~

Life Drawings 13

It is hard to see that i drew hands and feet with a care and time. Maybe i see little problem with
anatomy especially left hip bone, left shoulder blade and position of breast. Other than that i like
how it looks.
Good!! (It is funny that i say that..lol).

Life Drawings 12

well.. what happen to hands and feet....hahah

Hmm..personally, i like shoulder blade muscle and rib cage area. Maybe..this one is better than

one that i have for 4th semester...hahaha funny...

Life Drawings 11

ok..it really bothers me that very bright yellow-orangeish backgroud kill all the drawings.

I could change into black and white and i did it but on other hand, it would be better to keep

way they are.. I remember i used that brown paper to give a different method of drawing.

Previous post i have more and i thought they were all but i found these drawings. (I need to reoganize them everything...new stuffs keep coming from anywhere ...lol). These are also from second semester and i believe they are last drawing from 2nd semester.

I will post 3rd semester life drawing now on.