Ailen attack!

This is one of my favorite animation that i made!!!!

I had great time while i was animating and it still gives me a fun!!!!!

i hope you enjoy too!


Water splash!

it gets weird in the end but overall it turns out fine. I remember that i watch water splash in youtube and lots of references from movie to make this piece. Question is, if i animate this again would i be able to do better job???



Penguin Animation!

I will it works..lol

I kind of tried break dance in the last part as you see. (it calls 1990s) lol !!!

Who say penguin can't dance huh?

3 character color key

This color keys didn't work out well. I ended up using mixed color instead. I don't really get along with coloring but at least i see myself getting better every time.

Somehow i really like 3rd merman's glasses!!!! lol I maybe draw something like that later.