Demo Reel

Demo Reel from Nick yoo on Vimeo.

Well....I put my new flash animation 'the camp' to make new demo reel.

The camp

The camp from Nick Yoo on Vimeo.

This is my third Flash Animation. I made this for my friend's movie. This is kind of
movie trailer of my friend's movie. I learned more about flash through this work.
And i am pretty happy about what i have done.

The Treasure Hunter

Treasure hunter!! from Nick Yoo on Vimeo.

Ok, i admit that it was not good animation. It sucks!! but i can totally tell a truth that i enjoyed making this. This is my first flash animation.

I know...it really sucks! :0

El Dorado

El Dorado from Nick Yoo on Vimeo.

lol hahah..a what do you think?

Lilo and Stitch

Lilo mads at Stitch from Nick Yoo on Vimeo.


Goofy!! from Nick Yoo on Vimeo.

This is goofy animation.

The camp

A friend of mine, came to Canada to make a movie with me. He wants to be movie director.
I saw his independent movies and i thought they were good. He asked me to make a movie together and then i said "alright let's do it". While he was struggling with story i planned to make a movie trailer into Flash.
This is my character design of the movie. Killer 'Jack', Serious guy 'Philip', Party guy "Bryan",
and coward 'Billy'.
I think it came out alright.