I am playing a softball with my church people these days. It seems like playing baseball but they are different.

And i have found very interesting about softball.

The ball is not soft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you get hit, you DEAD!!!!!!! It is a hard and big ball.

Don't play softball if you think "Ah they throw softball because they call softball"

You get killed for sure.

One hit, Good bye.


"Break up"

Break up...

I guess that is the most uncomfortable and the worst happening ever.

Every moments and memories with her becomes arrows to strike to one's heart.

Number of laugh becomes to same amount of tears. You get lost in the darkness and confused.

Alcohole is not your friend because it makes worse than ever.

You don't know what to do....


Only time is a solution.

Time heals your wounds and time brings new life to you always. Time also brings another love

into your life. But time also lead to another break up.

It repeats.....until you find one true love.

Life is ... a journey for love...i think.

Do lots of 'Love' and 'break up'!!! It sucks. I know but there is no other way to find your


Good luck everyone in the earth!!!!!!!!.

P.S: I love you Nicole. Plz don't break up with me ever!!!!!! Love ya~